Suzuki Coffee is one of the first purveyors of premium roast and ground coffee in Thailand.  Set up by a group of coffee exporters in 1984, who are extremely passionate about coffee, but could not find the perfect cup of great roast and ground coffee.

We set out to enlist Suzuki Coffee , who were one of the foremost coffee roasting and blending expert in the industry at the time, to teach us how to bring out the best in each coffee bean through the art of roasting and blending.  Confident that we have mastered the techniques and perfected the perfect cup of coffee, we decided to set up Suzuki Coffee and serve it to the Thai market.

suzuki coffee shop

Our Coffee Products

We have always maintained that the secret to uncovering the flavors of the coffee bean and obtaining the right balance between body, aroma and acidity is both an art and a science.

Our coffee ranges from light to dark roast, as well as customized coffee blends.

We source only the highest quality coffee beans, with Arabica beans from the North of Thailand (especially the coffee beans from the Royal Projects Foundation of His Majesty the King), as well as only Grade A Robusta beans from the South of Thailand.

Quality  Equipments & Accessorie

Great coffee is not enough to make a great cup of coffee, but having the proper equipment for brewing your coffee is as important.  We have selected a variety of high quality brewing equipments that will bring out the best in our beans, to ensure that you can enjoy the perfect cup of coffee.


Suzuki Coffee House

suzuki coffee shop

Our baristas have been trained to prepare a variety of delicious coffee drinks for you to enjoy in a relaxing atmosphere.  Come and experience a great cup of coffee at locations near you.